About Us

Foshan Rui Jia Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd, RuiJia Cooler for short, is an innovative company with 9 years history of designing, manufacturing and selling plate-fin heat exchanger, radiator, shell and tube heat exchanger and providing solutions for fluid heat transfer system. Our products are widely used in hydraulic system, lubrication system, air-compressor, engineering/construction machinery and so on. Workshop area is more than 7,000 square meters. RuiJia Cooler equips with two furnaces for vacuum brazing, one automatic welding equipment and other factory facility. The annual output of heat exchanger amounts is to more than 1, 500 tons. 

RuiJia produces more than three hundred models of excavator radiator in these few years. There are hundreds of radiator drawings maintained in our reference database. High quality and good services sell our product. Our customers are around the world, such as Australia, USA, Africa and so on. We are by reputation an experienced and skilled heat exchanger manufacturer. 

Being tested, the burst pressure of RuiJia’s standard plate-fin heat exchanger/air cooler is over 12.0 MPa with leading advantage in air-cooled heat exchanger industry. By optimizing the internal and external structures, we have improved cooling effect, prolonged the service life for more than 30%. The specific design and product type of the software we developed with universities is more precise.

Shell and tube heat exchanger/water cooler is another competitive product of RuiJia Cooler. Water-cooled heat exchangers are commonly used for plastic injection molding machines, air-compressors, die casting machines and other industries. The inner structure includes screw-guide tube-plate, the immovable tube-plate and so on. A choice of tube material for stainless steel and copper. Rolling fin outside of tube or not is based on what kind of thing to be cooled.

RuiJia cooler develops unique heat transfer calculation software in order to provide customers with cost-effective products! Finest aluminum materials,powerful technique and excellent working arts offer you the unique heat exchanger! Welcome to contact us at all times, we're ready to help!